Advanced Windows Disk Cleanup

Windows Disk Cleanup

The Windows Disk Cleanup frees the hard disks from unnecessary files and thus ensures more free hard disk space.

But there are two more parameters to check for even more garbage or to clean up if necessary.

% SystemRoot% \ System32 \ Cmd.exe / c Cleanmgr / sageset: 65535 & Cleanmgr / sagerun: 65535

Afterwards new additional actions are available under Windows 7 eg 20.

Cleanmgr also supports some call parameters:

cleanmgr / sageset: 111 writes the option list into the registry, which you click after this call in the configuration dialog. The number after "/ sageset: [n]" is optionally between 1 and 65536. This action requires administrator rights, otherwise the program will not save the data (without comment). You can then start the saved configuration set with / sagerun at any time.

cleanmgr / sagerun: 111 retrieves the previously saved configuration set 111 (so it performs the purge).

cleanmgr / tuneup: 111 allows changes to the previously saved configuration set 111. This may be more convenient than the configuration set with / sageset: 111 completely new to create ...

cleanmgr / lowdisk is the standard startup.

cleanmgr / verylowdisk is a fast option to get cleanup without any user intervention.

cleanmgr / setup appears as a legitimate option when using cleanmgr with /? or / usage or / help is started. An everyday function of this parameter is not apparent.

cleanmgr / sageset: 1 Selects the files to be deleted

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