Exchange Public Folder Migration - Public Folders Not Visible

If the public folders in Outlook are not displayed immediately after a completed migration, it may be because synchronization is not yet complete.

With this command we start the synchronization manually:

Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder | Update-PublicFolderMailbox -InvokeSynchronizer

The result should be after a short time "true " be:

IsHierarchyReady = true
IsHierarchySyncEnabled = true

Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder | FL name, * here *

Only if the result query is "true" on all mailboxes, all mailboxes are in sync. If Outlook were connected to the PFMailbox13, the Public Folder would not be displayed, but if Outlook were connected to the PFMailbox12, then the Public Folder would also be displayed because it is already in sync.