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With this blog I want to get us to support each other with problems or questions. I deal with Group Policy for Server and Client Hardening every day, and I'm also very familiar with the rigorous PCI DSS requirements. PCI-DDS is a security standard, consisting of technical and operational specifications of the Payment Card Industry, for the protection of credit card data. I can cover 90% of these requirements with Group Policy and I am also aware of the challenges that arise in terms of effective and sustainable implementation.

In times of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, it is also important to take appropriate measures for processing safety (Art. 32 DSGVO). Among other things, well-implemented group policies play an important role.

My goal is to reach out to interested people who need to meet these demands on a daily basis and to facilitate an exchange to help others make their infrastructure safer. Little by little, I'll provide more templates here that already contain the necessary Group Policy settings for a faster and more efficient rollout.

Everyone should strive for the issue of security, whether privately or professionally.

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