Secure encrypt with Bitlocker

Encryption is not everything, but without encryption everything is nothing

Bitlocker Drive Encryption is a Windows-integrated feature designed to protect data from data-theft or disclosure of lost, stolen, or improperly-disabled computers.

The protection of disk information is now standard,
be it in the server or client environment.

Client systems belong to my Ve

always protected, regardless of whether it is a workstation or a notebook. Also server systems in local branches, without connection to a data center, are secured.

What do we need for encryption with Bitlocker?

Today, there is hardly any business device that does not have a TPM module installed. TPM stands for (Trusted Platform Module) and monitors the integrated hardware in a computer. If the Bitlocker encrypted hard drive is removed, it will refuse service on another computer. For the encrypted hard disk needed for decryption, the TPM module with which this was also encrypted.

How do we check if a TPM module is installed?

We execute the command tpm.msc via the CMD:

Secure encrypt with Bitlocker

Windows Bitlocker User Manual User Guide Template