Free S / MIME certificates

ACTALIS - free S / MIME certificates

On the website of the company Actalis you get a free S / MIME certificate issued. The validity is only 1 year. Before expiration, it can be extended for another 12 months.

Enter and send e-mail address.

Free SMIME certificates

This is followed by an e-mail with a verification code. This one will be in the 2. Field entered, captch Captcha, accept and send the terms and conditions.

Free E-Mail Certificate

After submitting the website updates and you get the password for the private key.

Password for Private Key

Within seconds, you will receive another e-mail. Attached you will find your certificate.

Actali's SMIME Certificate

Unpack the attachment and import the certificate via the MMC. The password you have previously written off or a screenshot created.

Actalis Import SMIME Certificate

Actalis Free SMIME Certificate

You can manage your certificate via the service center.