Kaspersky KSN statement

Kaspersky Security Network

Today I read the KSN statement from Kaspersky for fun. Namely to Kaspersky Free. A tool titled and recommended by Computerwoche as a virus hunter.

I see the tool more as a data hunter.

When such a large publisher titled "These tools enhance your virus protection," suggest alternatives or add-ons to the end user to better protect against viruses, Trojans, and malware; these are known to have the purpose to collect, collect and upload data, so steal. How can this be compatible with KSN from Kaspersky?

Is it not a deny itself?!

The tool that should protect, collects more data than a malware

The link to the article Source: computer week

Kaspersky virus hunter

Kaspersky Security Scan

And here is the excerpt from the KSN statement by Kaspersky:

Yes, Germany also sees this as a collection of personal data.

Kaspersky KSN statement

Kaspersky KSN statement data hunter

The whole explanation as PDF:

KSN als.pdf

This research was a coincidence that I read Kaspersky's KSN and could have met any other manufacturer. In his explanation, Kaspersky openly deals with it, so that's no reproach.

I'd just like to say, either keep your fingers off such tools, or do not always blindly click> Next or> Acquire and evaluate the utility when running such programs.

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