Windows Storage Replication multiple interfaces

Windows memory replication with another network card

When using Storage Replica, it makes sense to have an 2. Network card to use. One network card is used for management and the second for pure replication.

First, the interfaces must be determined for the respective nodes. For this we use these scripts.

Invoke-Command -ComputerName "2019SRV02" -ScriptBlock {Get-NetIPConfiguration}

Windows Storage Replication multiple interfaces

Write down the names or index numbers of the NICs to be used.

Pass these to the next command and set the NICS for replication.

Set-SRNetworkConstraint -SourceComputerName "2019SRV01" -SourceRGName ReplicaGrp1 -SourceNWInterface 15 destinationComputerName "2019SRV02" destinationNWInterface 9 destinationRGName ReplicaGrp2

Windows Storage Replication Set SRNetworkConstraint

Now I copy an ISO to the Destination Disk and check which NIC is used for the replication. It is the interface 15 named Ethernet1.

The whole thing now has to be set on the second node.

Set-SRNetworkConstraint -SourceComputerName "2019SRV02" -SourceRGName ReplicaGrp2 -SourceNWInterface 9 destinationComputerName "2019SRV01" destinationNWInterface 15 destinationRGName ReplicaGrp1

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