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Exchange 2016 update CU14 step 4 of 11

Setup status Exchange 2016 CU14 error

I have now upgraded several Exchange Servers from CU13 to CU14. Each installation behaved differently. What some had in common was that during the installation the services were disabled by the installation process. That was also the reason why it stopped again and again at step 4 of 11.

Exchange 2016 CU14 update services disabled

Exchange 2016 CU14 services disabled

I have no idea why that is. As a solution, I opened the services overview and checked (visually) when the services were disabled, and then repeatedly set the services to Disabled with a PowerShell script.

Get service "* Exchange *" | Where-Object {$ _. StartType -eq "Disable"} | Set-Service -StartupType Automatic

Now you can also make a loop or build a test to automatically change the services from the startup type.

The installation was now clean from step 4 to 11.


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