Steganos Privacy Suite 21

Steganos Privacy Suite 21 with cloud synchronization

Digital safe & password management

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very great interest in security solutions and write about it only if the product has convinced me as well.

The new suite makes a very good impression and can be operated intuitively.

I have been using the Steganos Safe since 2006 and have bought the upgrade every year until today and have never looked back.

The fact that my data is encrypted on the hard disk gives me a good feeling, especially when I'm going on vacation or not even at home for a whole weekend.

In the event of burglary, I am protected against data theft (unprotected and readable data)!

To date, I used a freeware product to manage my passwords and bank details. The switch to the Steganos Suite did not have to be considered long. The suite protects my data on the hard drive and the password manager allows me to view my passwords anywhere. Entering and searching for passwords is awesome. The password manager works with a 2-factor authentication. This means that my personal login details are well protected.

There is nothing more to do!

Safety does not have to be expensive. 49,99 € for 5 licenses.

Protect yourself, especially now that there are so many hacker attacks and continue to trust in “Security made in Germany”.

The Steganos Safe 21

The Steganos Safe 21 also works with the most modern 384 bit AES-XEX encryption.

Set up Steganos Safe

Double hedging

Steganos Safe 21 - 2 factor authentication

The password manager

The password manager has never been cracked since the company was founded. The highly secure AES-256-bit encryption is used here.

Keep credit card information safe

Keep bank records secure

And the right app for mobile access.

Steganos Mobile Privacy App

Raffle for Steganos Privacy Suite 21 ESD version

The raffle starts on January 30.01.2020th, 14.02.2020 and ends on February 24th, XNUMX at midnight.

If I have now convinced you that you need Steganos Privacy Suite 21 to better protect your privacy, then take part in the raffle.

You can win 10x Steganos Privacy Suite 21 ESD version (no box product). Activation is carried out using the license key obtained, which authorizes use on five devices. Each winner receives only one license. The random number generator decides who wins.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can win the Steganos Privacy Suite 21 ESD version (download version).
  • The competition is run by Jörn Walter.
  • The person who is legally competent under German law is entitled.
  • Has a valid email address (no disposable address, these will be ignored)
  • The winners will be notified by email at the end of the raffle and only announced by name in this post.
  • Multiple participation is not permitted.
  • Your data will be deleted after the winners have been determined.

The draw took place today on February 15.02.2020th, 8 at 30:XNUMX am and won

  1. Sascha Grabon
  2. René Steiger
  3. Torsten Unkhoff
  4. Helge Hawthorn
  5. Marco Aydin
  6. Gerhard Gram
  7. Ralf Scholz
  8. Manfred
  9. Michael Meyer
  10. Christoph Tatray

The personal notification takes place during the day.