Windows Secure Folder

Encrypt Windows Folders Lock Lock

This is only one of many tools, but it raises questions. More on that in the end.

SubiSoft Secure Folder

Block and hide access to a folder

Block folder access

Access to the “Beyond Compare” folder is blocked and hidden.

Lock and hide Windows folders

By opening Secure Folder 8.2. we get a list of hidden and locked folders.

Make hidden and locked folders visible again

Hidden and locked folders are visible again

Of course, a folder can only be encrypted.

Encrypt Windows folders

A note on the side. Acronis True Image Active Protection detects this program and asks if this program should be classified as safe.

SecureFolder Encryption

This tool contains other tools and currently costs $ 20.

SubiSoft software tools

But what makes me wonder is the password reset? Is it better to stay away from the software ?!

SubiSoft Password Reset

How is the email actually sent? Via the manufacturer's server or an API?

SubiSoft Connection failed

Microsoft PID Checker 1.49