Watch viruses at work

What damage does a virus do?

There is an online service to upload suspicious files and have them analyzed.

The file is uploaded using the “Submit a file for Analysis” button and executed and analyzed in a virtual box (sandbox). After the analysis is finished, which may take an hour or two, you get a report with a rating of 0 to 10.

cuckoo submit a file

I am uploading a file from a USB stick that I found walking last week. The file is called KEY-TEST.exe

Cackoo Submit a file to analyze

Remember task ID: 1577324


Wait until the report is ready and available:

cuckoo report

The report can also be downloaded. Left in the menu via Export Analysis. The file appears to be a key gene.

cuckoo summary

There is a similar service at:

Windows SMBv3 vulnerability CVE-2020-0796