The optimal PC requirements for poker in the live casino

More and more people are attracting interest in playing in the casino through attractive offers. Particular attention is paid to the live casinos, which currently represent the most modern idea in the range of providers. A dealer sits opposite the customer live via webcam and can interact with the user like in a real casino and manage the game according to the rules. For example, a particularly authentic round of poker is possible. But does the live casino run on any device or are there any special requirements? We will get to the bottom of this question in detail here.

What is poker in the live casino?

Poker can be played realistically in the live casino.

Poker can be played realistically in the live casino. - Source: Unsplash

The biggest achievement of the last decades in the online casino is without a doubt the live casino. Especially those who like to play table games in the casino were happy about the new possibilities that could not have been foreseen a few years ago. Roulette, blackjack and poker were all suddenly playable in a particularly realistic way. If you visit a casino on the Internet today, you have the choice of several tables of the same game with different rule variants and other modified details. Who z. B. entering a live room is directly facing a dealer. This talks in a relaxed manner with the players who are also in the room and are sitting at the same poker table. Once the table is full, the game can begin and the dealer shuffles the cards, then places them on the locations on the table equipped with cameras and continues depending on the variant.

As the best known variant, Texas Hold'em has prevailed since the 1990s. It brings comparative simple poker rules, which is why it is so popular. Each player receives two cards face down in order to achieve the best possible combinations with the five community cards on the table (first three, then two each). In four betting rounds, players can then place their bets just like real physical poker. They have the option of checking, betting, raising or getting out. Of course, bluffing can also be done in the live casino if there is actually no good hand to deceive the opponents. However, since normally only the dealer is connected via webcam, the analysis of the opponent only has to take place based on his playing style and hands. The face or body language are eliminated as important poker tells.

What are the software and hardware requirements?

We put the good thing first: Poker in the live casino is normally possible without further restrictions, unless a completely antique device is available. More or less new laptops or PCs in recent years with Windows 10, 8 or 7 should be able to open the poker room without any problems. But here too, there should be a certain quality, albeit a little less than in modern video games. The stream is finally broadcast in HD and presents the table, dealer and all other graphics in the best resolution. If possible, there should be no lag here that could potentially result in a loss of good betting opportunities at the poker table. With a reasonably modern processor from Intel, AMD or a comparable manufacturer and a standard graphics card, however, no problems should arise.

Since the livestream is played directly in the browser, no additional program has to be downloaded. Depending on the respective end device, different browsers work differently well. While some swear by Google Chrome, others rely on the Microsoft standard application Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Safari is a popular option for Mac users. Even greater flexibility comes from playing on mobile devices. Many online casinos have their own app for the entire casino offer or poker in particular. We recommend a smartphone from approximately the Samsung Galaxy S8, since older ones do not have enough capacity to handle live streaming and simultaneous poker.

Otherwise, a mouse is extremely practical for PC and laptop in order to be able to control the game comfortably, and a few external loudspeakers are also available to adequately follow when the dealer is talking to the group or the chips are on the next all-in land on the table.

The most important factor is speed

Not only the internet connection has to meet modern demands

Not only the internet connection has to meet modern demands. - Source: P

Since the hardware and software requirements are not particularly high, the last point is of particular importance. In many ways, speed is the key to getting a smooth gaming experience. It starts on your own computer by removing unnecessary files and programs. In the browser, this primarily affects the cache, where temporary data is stored. But the fuller the cache, the slower the browser can because a lot of data from visited websites is saved in order to guarantee as short a waiting time as possible on the next visit. Every now and then the opposite is the case. The information stored in the cache is also as old as the website at the time of the visit. In order to call up the latest version of a website, the cache has to be deleted every now and then.

Apart from that, there are also several ways to speed up your own computer in order to achieve the highest possible performance. This begins, for example, with the uninstallation of programs that are not required anyway. Many laptops are already shipped with pre-installed applications that most of them don't even need. All of these apps can be uninstalled in Windows 10 either by right-clicking the tile or in Control Panel. Finally, programs like CCleaner help in detail to delete files, fragments or other things that are no longer required. Even if the program is extremely popular, the checkmarks should only be set where files are to be safely deleted.

Last but not least, the Internet remains. Two things are important here: the speed itself and the seamless supply. Therefore, for example, it is very difficult to play poker on a smartphone in the live casino when there is no WiFi connection. A possible solution to this problem is the emergence of the 5G mobile communications standard, which is intended to guarantee nationwide coverage. On the computer, the connection via Ethernet cable is still the best option to minimize any risk, although using WLAN on the laptop lying on the couch is usually not a problem.