Outlook 2019 repair options

Outlook 2019 troubleshooting

For Outlook there are some switch functions for checking and troubleshooting, which I would like to briefly discuss. Of course, these can also be used for Outlook 2016.

Outlook 2019 repair options

To solve the problem:

/ cleancategories
Self-created category names are deleted and reset

/ cleanfinders
Deletes the search folders from the Exchange Server memory

/ cleanfreebusy
Deletes and regenerates the free and booked information

/ clean up
Deletes and regenerates the memories

/ cleanrules
Deletes the client and server side rules

/ cleanserverrules
Deletes only the server side rules

/ cleansniff
Reminder messages that are duplicated are deleted

/ cleansubscription
Deletes messages and properties of the subscriptions

/ cleanviews
Deletes custom views and restores the default

/ noextensions
Starts Outlook without add-ins

/ nopreview
Starts Outlook without a reading area

/ resetfolders
Repairs missing folders

/ resetfoldernames
Resets the names of the default folders to the local language

/ rpcdiag
Opens the window for the connection status and Outlook

Outlook RPC DIAG

DKIM with Office 365