Windows Exchange Server tips and solutions

Move Exchange 2019 mailboxes

Move mailboxes to another database

When migrating or replacing a server, it is important that the following ports are activated.

In contrast to the previous versions, the process on Exchange Server 2019 has been significantly improved. Today the Mailbox Replication Service is also called MRS, instead of the classic RPC connection.

This mechanism allows users to continue working without losing data. There is also no separation between the client and the server.

The following ports must be activated between domain controllers and Exchange.
Most of them are anyway, but the port for the Mailbox Replication Service is particularly important.

Port 53 = DNS
Port 88 = Kerberos
Port 135 = RPC
Port 389 = LDAP
Port 443 = HTTPS
Port 445 = file
Port 808 = Mailbox Replication Service
Port 1024 upwards if it was not set statically
Port 3268 = Global Catalog


Always make sure that there is enough hard disk space when moving, because the number of transaction logs increases dramatically, be it on the source or target system.

Save the policy definitions with Get-GPOBackup