Domain Clean Up MetaData

MetaData Cleanup of a Domain Controller

Metadata cleanup in the Active Directory Domain Services

If a domain controller (DCBS2) could not be removed conventionally, for example because there was a defect, the meta data of the defective DC must then be deleted from the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

Existing connections such as FRS or DFS etc. are removed.

Possibility Number 1)

The DNS should be cleaned up beforehand. All entries for DCBS2 must be removed.

Now you delete the old DC via the GUI and trust that the automatic metadata cleansing will do the rest.

Possibility Number 2)

You first delete the meta data of the remote DC manually via the command line and then clean up the DNS. At the moment there are still 2 DCs. The goal is to remove the DC called DCBS2.

Domain Clean Up MetaData