Cloudflare WARP VPN plus malware protection

Cloudflare WARP VPN plus malware protection

Cloudflare Warp

VPN software that is currently still in beta.

In the future, Cloudflare will offer the fastest VPN access. With WARP you are not only anonymous (protection of privacy), no, WARP also protects against malware.

The VPN software also has a family mode that filters out adult content directly. So we can let our children rummage around on the Internet “worry-free”.

Warp Family Protection

The website will not be closed at all. Other content is also blocked.

Cloudflare WARP family protection

WARP also comes with integrated DNS logging. This means we can track every resolved IP address.

Cloudflare WARP DNS LOG

Cloudflare WARP VPN

The cost of a flat rate should be $ 4 a month. However, 100 MB per month is free.

Further information directly from the manufacturer.

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