Cleanly remove Windows 10 apps from the system

Remove Windows 10 apps cleanly

Remove Windows 10 apps

Windows comes with a lot of applications that are rarely needed.

Remove Windows 10 apps cleanly

With this Powershell script, the apps are uninstalled in no time. The script uses DISM / Online to create an XML file specifying the apps to be uninstalled. You can also only uninstall selected apps by adapting the supplied XML file to your needs and storing it in the directory in which the Powershell script is also located.

Automatically remove Windows apps

I start the script and use the XML file provided.

Remove Windows apps using an xml file

The XML file is read in and processed.

Windows 10 App Remove

Base XML

In the supplied XML file, apps for deinstallation were specified that apparently do not exist in the Home Edition of Windows 10, hence the warnings.

Cannot find deployed packages

The result shows that all kinds of apps have been uninstalled.

Windows 10 without apps

If you start the Powershell script without an existing XML file, only the apps that are available will be uninstalled. The uninstallation ends without warning messages because the installed apps have been determined beforehand.

App Remove Windows 10

The generated XML file looks like this:

Apps Remove XML created automatically

Remove Windows 10 apps cleanly

Powershell script AppRemove

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