Invalid Password to unload agent after Update to build version 14.0.8378

Trend Micro Apex One The password provided is invalid

The password provided is invalid. Verify the password and try again.

In some domains I operate Apex One 2019 by Trend Micro. This is an endpoint security solution.

Recently came Product patch 3 out. The installation as such was error-free.

Basis: Windows Server 2016 English, Apex One English.

After the installation, I always check the product for functionality. I noticed the following: After the agents on the Windows servers and workstations were updated to build version 14.0.8378, I could no longer use the stored password, which is used to deactivate (unload). The password to protect against unintentional deinstallation was also no longer accepted.

Client Agent Version and Display Error

Changing the password did not bring any improvement either, or could not be changed in the Management Server as soon as the password contains certain characters. But I came to this realization later.

I also kept to the requirements for a new password, although I can expect the old password to remain valid.

Printable ASCI characters


Then I opened a ticket at Trend Micro. After 4 weeks back and forth, the problem could not be solved even with the help of the developers. All just sad.

I made gigabytes of debug logs available to those without success.

Then I tried to change the password again, but without the # in the password. Voila!

The problem was solved.

Steganos had the same problem, see here

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