Allow users to run Windows Services

Allow normal user to manage services

Manage Services with SubInAcl

SubInACL is a command line tool that administrators can use to obtain security information about files, registry keys, and services, and transfer that information from user to user, local or global group to group, and domain to domain.

Here are the common parameters:

subinacl.exe / service Spooler / grant = VMWIN101903 \ LudwigMeinFreund = TOP
subinacl.exe / service Spooler / grant = LudwigMeinFreund = TO

T = start service
O = stop service
P = service pause and continue

Allow users to manage Windows Services

SubInAcl Spooler Service

SubInAcl Overview

Download SubInAcl.msi

SHA256: E404E3F63BC2C4E3BE89C8C33C5287C1B198C55BC0D5AF19D2599C34D23C0F75


Allow users to manage Windows Services