Securely delete PrivaZer files

PrivaZer - securely delete files

Securely delete files

PrivaZer protects your privacy by removing data from your computer without a trace and irretrievably. You are very well positioned with this tool.

Securely delete PrivaZer files

The tool removes and does the following:

  • Traces of internet activity
  • Remnants of old files
  • Traces of software usage
  • Registry traces
  • Free up space on the hard drive
  • Deletes invalid shortcuts
  • Empties the trash
  • Removes office software histories
  • Photo / image software histories
  • The thumbnails cache is removed
  • AutoComplete histories
  • Web page thumbnails
  • Last sessions in the internet browser
  • Internet cookies
  • WebCache cleanup
    • This stores data in the background without your knowledge
  • Put in shell bags
  • Microsoft Games Histories
  • Data from previous Windows versions
  • Windows Update cleanup

PrivaZer secure deletion

It is free and portable. Convince yourself!

Download directly from the manufacturer:

Privacy for Windows 10 home workstations