How many employees are in the building

How many users are online at Corona time?

Who is everything online

Anyone who wants / needs to have control over the number of people present in the company because certain requirements have to be met can find out with this Powershell script.

The script is linked to the user OU as a start script.

How many users are online at Corona time?

In compliance with the GDPR, only computer information (even if it is traceable) and the registration date are recorded, no login name, last name or first name. You can of course limit the logging to the registration date. Basically, that is completely sufficient to record the number of employees based on the location.

However, in order to make a possible chain of infection (in the house) comprehensible, one should also have recorded the computer information.

The collection of this information must be justifiable (earmarked), and employee information would also be an advantage.

Record location-based number of employees

The script can of course be customized. The filtering out of certain subnets can be excluded.

Download script:


Create a logon script for all domain users