Powershell CMD scripting

ISO download with MediaCreationTool20H2


The Media Creation Tool can be carried out with various parameters.

Via a command line we can directly specify the platform, version and language to be downloaded. We can find other language versions here..

MediaCreationTool20H2.exe / Eula Accept / Retail / MediaLangCode de-DE / MediaArch x64 / MediaEdition Enterprise

MediaCreationTool20H2 MediaLangCode


We'll find the KMS client keys here.


ISO download with MediaCreationTool20H2

And then, as usual, either prepare a USB stick or create an ISO.

MediaCreationTool20H2 USB stick

After downloading an ISO, you can unzip it and use DISM to query the SKUs contained in the ESD.

dism.exe / Get-WimInfo /WimFile:S:\ISO\Windows10_20H2\sources\install.esd

DISM index

To extract a special version and to create a WIM, we proceed as follows.

dism.exe / Export-Image /SourceImageFile:S:\ISO\Windows10_20H2\sources\install.esd / SourceIndex: 3 /DestinationImageFile:S:\ISO\Windows10_20H2\sources\install.wim / Compress: max / CheckIntegrity

dism export image

Update Windows Defender in WIM Image