Repair or restore corrupted Excel files

Repair Corrupted Excel Files

Recover an Excel file

There are many reasons for defective Excel files. Large Excel files with macros or with a large number of procedures and formulas can be damaged quickly. However, the file may also have been damaged when copying to a USB stick because it was removed from the system too early. We have all experienced that.

Yesterday we were still working with our Excel file, entering and saving the last data and then finishing work.

The next day we open the same file and an error message appears.

We have identified a problem with some content in .xlsx. Should we restore as much as possible? If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes.

We have a problem with some content

As a rule, that does next to nothing! As in this case.

Microsoft Excel is trying to open the file and repair it.

But what should be done in such a case?

My recommendation is this Recovery Toolbox for Excel.

Recovery Toolbox for Excel

With this software, the repair will most likely succeed. The software supports the formats * .xls, * .xlt, * .xlsx, * .xlsm, * .xltm, * .xltx and * .xlam. It does not matter whether the Excel file contains complex formula types or complex functions. Also with which font or orientation the images and texts are structured. It doesn't matter, the Recovery Toolbox for Excel is the savior in an emergency.

As can be seen from the formats, Office versions 98, 2000, 2003, XP, up to 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 and Microsoft 365 are supported.

This example shows how easy repairs can be.

My Excel file is ~ 30 MB in size and contains over 15 tables, formatting, formulas and a total of over 500.000 lines.

When opening the file, I got the error mentioned above. I was looking for a suitable and good software. The Recovery Toolbox got very good reviews, and that was the deciding factor for me to buy this software solution.

In a few steps I was able to restore my Excel file.

Start the software and let the tool analyze the defective Excel file.

Analyze and repair Excel file

After the analysis has been carried out, I am offered the repair.

Recover Excel file

Every worksheet, every column is examined and analyzed.

Column by column is read in and repaired

After a successful analysis, I start the recovery.

Excel recovery

There are two options. Either you decide to save the file directly or to open it directly in Excel. I chose to save it.

Excel File Recovered

After the repair, I was able to open my Excel document again and continue working on it.

Recover Excel file

The manufacturer of the same product also offers online recovery. Various devices such as tablets and mobile phones that run under operating systems such as Mac OS, Android, iOS etc. are supported.

The advantage of online recovery is that it only takes 4 instead of 12 steps to complete the repair process compared to the desktop version. There is also no need to install the desktop-based software.

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