Remote desktop licensing mode

Adapt remote desktop licensing mode

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Change Licensing Mode Terminal Server Registry

If you want to / have to configure the mode manually via the registry, do this in the registry as follows.

It can happen that the warning appears in the event log with ID 18 after installation and setup.

This means that the Remote Desktop License Server has not been activated. Usually a popup “Remote Desktop licensing mode is not configured” also appears

Navigate to the path and set the values ​​individually to:

HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Terminal Server \ RCM \ Licensing Core
REG_DWORD = LicensingMode
Value = 2 for devices
Value = 4 for users

This would be set at this point via the GPO:

Computer Configuration> Policies> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Remote Desktop Services> Remote Desktop Session Host> Licensing

Remote Desktop Services enable disable