Are casino free spins worth your time?

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In many online casinos, free spins are regularly given to new and regular customers. One or the other will certainly wonder whether these are even worthwhile. Should you accept free spins or shouldn't you? In this article, we'll take a closer look at this question.

What are free spins?

Free spins are free rounds that are awarded for any casino games. Usually these are intended for selected games, but from time to time the free spins can be redeemed on all slots that are available in the gambling hall.

Free spins are often confused with the bonus free spins. These free spins are free spins that can be used to start games for free. With the integrated Free Spins, however, you can enjoy additional extra rounds.

How and where do you get free spins?

Free spins are mostly available as part of a welcome bonus for new customers. Sometimes they are also given to regular customers to draw attention to new games. Every now and then you get in the casino too 50 free spins, with no deposit and any obligations. Elsewhere they are in turn included in the welcome pack. Usually you don't have to do anything to redeem them unless you received a bonus code. Then this must be redeemed or activated in the customer area of ​​the respective platform.

The bonus conditions: Small pitfalls that you should be aware of

You rarely get a casino bonus without being tied to some kind of addiction. That would be too good to be true. Unfortunately, there are always some conditions to be met whether you like it or not. A bonus must also be unlocked. If you win € 10 and there is a 20-fold wagering requirement, you have to play for € 2.000 so that the proceeds are yours.

Also, free spins revenues are often capped at € 50 to € 100. This means that anything beyond that would not be paid out. For this reason, you should withdraw the balance as soon as it has been unlocked. There is one small exception, however, and that in almost every casino: If you crack the jackpot with free spins, you can usually keep the money. A tip: Please always read the terms and conditions or bonus conditions first. You should have done that in advance, better safe than sorry.

Why are free spins awarded by online casinos?

Online casinos are not charities that want to make money. Bonus offers are not given because the operators are so generous. Behind every promotion there is a promotion aimed at attracting new players. Free offers magically attract customers. This is the case almost everywhere, or are you declining a free yogurt in the supermarket? Most likely not. And if you like it, then you will very likely buy more of it. This is also how it works in the online casino. The players enjoy a platform and at some point deposit their hard-earned money.

Of course there are advantages too. Thanks to the free rounds, you can test games without any risk. Same goes for that Slot machines. When new game titles come onto the market, regular customers often receive free spins to test them out. Here, too, the casinos speculate that the customer will throw in his money after the free rounds have expired.

Are free spins worth it or not?

Whether free spins are worthwhile for you depends on what you are aiming for with them. If the profit is in the foreground, then you will probably not be able to do anything with the free spins. Of course there are chances to win, but you shouldn't gamble for the potential proceeds. Players who only use Free Spins to test the games get off better in the end.

Free spins should only be used if you have enough time to redeem them. Sometimes there are 1.000 free spins on one registration. Often these have to be used up within seven days. Who can do it? The wagering requirement also makes a difference. If this is 50 times the free spins winnings, it will of course be more difficult than with a 20-fold turnover.

Use the Free Spins for different purposes

In principle, free spins are only worthwhile if you know how to use them sensibly. On the one hand you get to know the new games and you can develop new strategies in the meantime. The advantage over the demo mode is that you play with free spins in real money mode.

This has the advantage of checking in good time how often the proceeds really come. There are always coincidences, but anyone who is a little familiar with slot machines has already developed a feeling for possible payouts. It doesn't take long to notice whether it's a slot with high or lower volatility. With low volatility, there are often small revenues, with high volatility you win less often. But if there is a profit, then it is also worthwhile, but right!

Free spin hopping is not worth it

Last but not least, there is a hint on the way. Signing up for a portal solely because of the free spins should be carefully considered. Do you really want to store your personal data everywhere? If you plan to play for real money, then it makes sense to take advantage of free spins and bonus offers, if not, then all the effort is simply not worth it.

If you do not like the casino after the test with the free spins, you can of course unsubscribe.

Before you register, you should consider whether you like the design of the portal and whether you like the range of games at all.

Are there sufficient payment options and reasonable support? Check first and then register! After that, nothing stands in the way of the test period.


Free spins are another chance to try out new games and casinos. High revenues are possible, but rarely. Test the respective casino portal but don't expect too much before you end up being disappointed. Everyone should gain their own experience in dealing with the casinos. You decide where to register.