Fully automatic data backup under Windows

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BackUp Maker is safe and secure

With BackUp Maker we back up files and directories automatically at the desired times in the cloud, on local storage media such as hard drives, USB sticks and optical data carriers.

Interfaces such as WebDAV, FTP, FTPS are of course also supported.

So that the backups take up little space, they can be packed in archives (data compression) and encrypted with AES-256-Bit for security.

BackUp Maker are available in 2 versions. The free Standard Edition is intended for private use and the Professional Edition for business and commercial purposes, including technical product support.

Create a backup of important data

The setup of a backup job is easy with the guided wizard. During development, Ascomp attached great importance to the simple and transparent menu navigation.

After starting BackUp Maker we have the choice to decide whether we want to continue in simple mode or in expert mode. Expert mode increases the number of options available.

In simple mode, the backup job is set up in 5 steps and in expert mode in 12 steps.

BackUp Maker Expert Options

Basically we only have to select the source in the simple mode, determine the time or the interval for the execution of the backup, followed by the decision whether a full or partial backup should be performed each time, up to the target specification and the assignment of a backup name. With the simple setup, you can also determine whether the backup should be carried out when Windows starts and / or when you log off.

Ascomp BackUp Maker

Additional options are available for setup in expert mode. These really round off the backup job. Files or directories can be included or excluded using a filter. When setting up a partial backup, the number of instances can be specified until a full backup is to be performed again. The password protection encrypts the backup either in the PkZip v2.0 or in the AES procedure. There is also a list of actions to be set up that can be carried out before or after the backup.

Execute backup actions

A split variant divides the backup so that it can then be automatically written to a CD / DVD, DVD-RAM or ZIP, for example.

The automatic dispatch of reports informs about a successful backup or underlying errors or warnings. Backups can be verified for completeness after creation. As you can see, BackUp Maker shines with many features and options.

Restore data

I think I've talked enough about making backups. How about the restoration?

Restoring data from a backup is even easier than creating a backup job.

With a quick restore of a backup, you simply select the backup and copy the data back to its origin. Then there is the possibility of restoring the data to an alternative location. This method is suitable, for example, when you only need individual files. But everyone decides for himself individually.

BackUp Maker Restore files


The software currently has the version number 7.502.

BackUp Maker supports all Windows Server and Windows Client operating systems.

Starting with Windows Server 2003 up to Windows Server 2019 and from Windows XP up to the current Windows 10 version. The architecture does not matter whether x32 or x64. 17 languages ​​are supported.

Get BackUp Maker

BackUp Maker can be used for business or commercial purposes in Shop can be purchased for € 39,99.

Ascomp BackUp Maker raffle

The raffle starts on January 22.11.2020th, 13.12.2020 and ends on February 24th, XNUMX at midnight.

If I have now convinced you that the "BackUp Maker" is the right product for you and you need the Professional Edition for your business or private, then simply take part in the raffle.

You can win 19 Ascomp BackUp Makers. Registration takes place using the license key obtained. Each winner only receives one license. The random generator decides who wins.

Simply activate the product with the license key obtained. Ascomp BackUp Maker can be downloaded from the Download Area from the manufacturer.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can win Ascomp BackUp Maker
  • The competition is run by Jörn Walter.
  • Eligible is the person who is legally competent under German law and has a valid email address (no disposable address, these are ignored)
  • The winners will be notified by email at the end of the raffle and only announced by name in this post. The names of the winners will be deleted from the post 30 days after the announcement. The contact details of the participants will be deleted after the winners have been determined.
  • Multiple participation is not permitted

The following people won after the drawing:

  • Martin Eckhardt
  • Matthias Fick
  • Arash Panahian
  • Marco Beitz

The winners will be notified by email later in the day.