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Jorn Walter
Jorn Walter

My name is Jörn Walter, I'm over 40 years old and I'm from the beautiful Ruhr area. I have been running this blog since September 2014.

My hobbies are in alphabetical order; IT, cooking, motor tuning, musicals, travel and theater (preferably Ruhrpottstücke).

My passion lies in the analysis of complex algorithms as well as in the programming of machine-related applications.

Since almost 30 years I deal with the Thai cuisine. Accompanied by cooking classes and a little talent, just fantastic.

Engine tuning, power, speed and the smell of gasoline are the fuel of every car enthusiast. Recently I am also the owner of a BMW K1200S; Madness.

Musicals in the past rather not, today I'm hard to hold when it comes to a new piece to experience.

Traveling is a life-fulfillment, it never gets boring.

Theater is more than just a laugh muscle training. Theater is yoga for the head. Just switch off and have fun.

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The Secret of Happiness: Say goodbye to the unrealistic concept of perfection.

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

Ruhrpott words

Ker, beautiful! The Ruhr Potts language put a little lower. Comfortable like some old ones
Sandals. Dat makes Meschugge in the kopp, all the jingles. So and getz with Schmackes!