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Exchange 2016 CU15 Basis Informationen

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Exchange Server 2016 CU15

Microsoft hat am 16.12.2019 das neue Cumulative Update 15 für Exchange Server 2016 herausgebracht.
Dieses Update beseitigt folgende Fehler:

  • 4515256 “The function cannot be performed…” error when you send a message that’s open for a long time in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528693 Get-CalendarDiagnosticLog is proxied for queries within the same forest in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4523519 Set-SendConnector doesn’t work for Exchange Server in hybrid scenarios with Edge Server installed
  • 4528690 Can’t move or delete folder in Outlook online mode if the destination has a folder with the same name in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528687 NotificationClient logs aren’t purged and consume lots of disk in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528689 Outlook on the web shows MailTip when recipients equal the large audience size in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528688 Only one recipient shows when saving draft by using Exchange ActiveSync version 16.0 in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528695 Event ID 4009 when using SubjectOrBodyMatchesPatterns on Edge server in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528694 Can’t open .ics file in Outlook on the web in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528692 “A parameter was specified that isn’t valid” error when creating transport rule in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515257 Hash mismatch is reported for Exchange DLLs in the bin directory of Exchange Server 2016
  • 4528696 Exchange PowerShell cmdlets take longer time to run in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4532747 Address list separation not working for a user without a mailbox in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4523171 Description of the security update for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, 2016, and 2013: November 12, 2019

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Exchange 2016 CU15

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