Create Nano Server VM

Powershell Create Nano Server VM

Nano Server VM erstellen

Mit diesem Skript erstellt ihr aus einem Nano Server Image eine Nano Server VM. Alles was ihr braucht ist lediglich das zuvor erstelle Image.

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# Variables

$vSwitchName01 = “NAT_vSwitch”

$InstallRoot = “C:\NanoServer”

$VMName = “NanoServerVM01”

$NanoServerImage = “C:\NanoServer\NanoServerVM01.vhdx”

# Create a new VHD(X) file

New-VHD -Path ($InstallRoot + “\$VMName\NanoServerVM01_D.vhdx”) -SizeBytes 50GB -Dynamic | Out-Null

# Create Nano Server VM

New-VM -VHDPath $NanoServerImage -Generation 2 -MemoryStartupBytes 2GB -Name $VMName -Path $InstallRoot -SwitchName $vSwitchName01 | Out-Null

# Set vCPU count to 4

Set-VMProcessor -VMName $VMName -Count 4

# Set AutomaticStopAction and AutomaticStartAction

Set-VM -VMName $VMName -AutomaticStopAction ShutDown -AutomaticStartAction StartIfRunning

# Rename vNIC Adapter name to MGMT

Rename-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName $VMName -NewName “MGMT”

# Set vNIC Device Naming to On

Set-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName $VMName -Name “MGMT” -DeviceNaming On

# Add additional SCSI Controller and attach the new VHD(X)

Add-VMScsiController -VMName $VMName

Add-VMHardDiskDrive -VMName $VMName -ControllerType SCSI -ControllerNumber 1 -ControllerLocation 0 -Path ($InstallRoot + “\$VMName\NanoServerVM01_D.vhdx”)

# Start Nano Server VM

Start-VM -Name $VMName | Out-Null

Get-VM -Name $VMName